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   Designer Annabelle Marvin was born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Sydney and then La Jolla, California. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband of 30 years, and three sons. "We all live such busy lives and my jewelry line was born out of wanting to look 'put-together' and be classically stylish, but with an active lifestyle in mind."


   Annabelle launched her line with the Signature Collection - a grouping of 5, 14kt gold filled beaded bracelets that can be worn day-into-evening. "There are no clasps to catch on clothing, and since the beads won't chip or fade, I never take them off.  I shower, clean, garden, cook, play golf and LIVE in them."


   The Signature Collection has been expanded to include bracelets made with different sized beads, and precious and semi-precious gems, which can all be worn separately or in a variety of combinations.  "I like to vary the sizes I wear together - or add other designers' bracelets too." Using Annabelle's Collection of bracelets and necklaces as the foundation, Annabelle encourages you to be creative, mix bead sizes, or try adding one of her new "Necklace Wraps" - terrifically versatile necklaces that can be worn long or short, or wrapped around your wrist as a stackable bracelet.  




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