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What is gold filled jewelry?


Gold purity is measured in Karats (kt) with 24kt being pure gold. But no one wears pure gold jewelry as it is impractically too soft. So, it is alloyed with other metals to give it strength, durability and color. Solid gold is the term then used for jewelry with anything greater than 10 karats. Solid Gold jewelry is typically offered in 14kt and 18kt purity and is an exquisite piece of jewelry. 


Gold Filled is the next level of gold jewelry and is a wonderful and quality alternative to solid gold. Gold Fill is an actual layer of gold, bonded to another metal (such as brass, sterling silver or rhodium) using heat and pressure. The jewelry piece must contain a solid gold content of at least 5% of its total weight to be classified as Gold Filled. 


Gold filled items are generally considered lifetime products and is tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off and won't turn your skin green. Gold Filled jewelry offers all the same characteristics as solid gold such as strength, durability and beauty, but at at fraction of the cost!



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