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Size Guide

Our bracelets are designed to be worn with a little breathing room to allow for movement. If not specified in your order, our standard size for all bracelets is 7"

Step 1. Use a tape measure, piece of string or strip of paper to                                    measure your wrist. 

Step 2. Wrap it around your wrist where you will the wearing the                            bracelet and mark the place where it joins. 

Step 3. Lay your string or strip of paper on a flat surface and                                     measure. 

Step 4. For bead bracelets with 3mm or 4mm beads, add 1/2" to                              your wrist size. For example, your wrist measures 6 1/2",                              order a 7" bracelet. 

Step 5. For 5mm or 6mm bead sizes, we recommend adding 3/4"

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